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Voice Fiction – Old Time Radio


With Glenn Carlson and Jack Ward.
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, Radio Dramas entertained millions of listeners daily. Those days are gone. Glenn and Jack look at past glories, at the state of the art today and hazard a guess at the future of Audio Drama.

guest-glenn-carlsonGLENN CARLSON: In 1999, Glenn Carlson headed a group of San Francisco writers and voice actors with an interest in creating audio drama. The result was One Act Audio Theatre. Their mission: Use the power of the internet to bring something new to old time radio.
Visit his website: http://oneact.org

guest-jack-wardJACK WARD: Is a writer, director and founder of The Sonic Society, a weekly podcast carried by Dalhousie University Campus in Halifax, Canada and by other affiliate stations across Canada and around the world.
Visit his website: http://sonicsociety.org

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Voice Fiction – And The Winner Is


With Bruce Press and Barry Biddlecomb.
Although Bruce and Barry are both executives with the Parsec Awards and they do tell us about their annual award show, this episode is about awards in general. What it takes to win, why winning matters and what it means if you don’t win.

guest-bruce-pressBRUCE PRESS is a professional photographer in the Baltimore-Washington area. He has enjoyed podcast fiction pretty since they began and actively engaged in the podcast community for almost as long.
Visit his website: http://parsecawards.com

guest-bruce-biddlecombBARRY BIDDLECOMB is an associate professor of mathematics and dean at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He’s a dedicated consumer of tech and fiction podcasts and dreams of having his own podcast if he can ever settle on a topic people want to hear about.
Visit his website: http://parsecawards.com

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Voice Fiction – Audio Books

vf coverphoto21

With Alexa Chipman, David Niall Wilson and Alix Spurlock.
This podcast features a wide-ranging discussion on the business of Audio Books from three points of view: A writer’s (Alexa Chipman), a publisher’s (David Niall Wilson) and a voice actor’s (Alix Spurlock).

guest-alexa-chipmanALEXA CHIPMAN is a writer for BrokenSea, Misfits Audio, Gypsy Audio, and Imagination Lane, including the popular series and two-time Parsec Finalist Maudelayne. She is a fantasy YA author of books such as ERFYL and MAWBRAY, with a background in theatre. Alexa has appeared with companies such as the Peninsula Ballet Theatre, Marin Dance Theatre, and in the Marin Fringe Festival.
Visit her website: http://imaginationlane.net

guest-alix-spurlockALIX SPURLOCK is a children’s audiobook narrator and voice over artist. She is also a super-nerd (her own description) who spends her free time watching the Science Channel, listening to punk rock and playing Wii with her 7-year old.

guest-david-niall-wilsonDAVID NIALL WILSON is a former president of the Horror Writer’s Association and multiple recipient of the Bram Stoker Award. A prolific writer with over 200 published stories and a dozen novels, David is Founder and CEO of Crossroad Press.

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Voice Fiction – Voice Actors

vf coverphoto1

With Karen Kahler, Eleiece Krawiec and Russell Gold.
Anyone can read, but it takes a special talent to turn words on a page into a believable character. Voice actors Karen Kahler, Eleiece Krawiec and Russell Gold tell us how they work, how they use their voice, what they look for in a script, how to create characters, writers they’ll never work with again—experienced advice for aspiring voice talent.

guest-russell-goldRUSSELL GOLD is a mild-mannered software developer for Oracle by day, and by night he is a voice-over actor for a number of productions, including Damien Sykes in Dreamcatcher, Rumisiel in his own adaptation of the web-comic Misfile, and the title character in Misfits Audio’s Jim Nolan: Private Eye.

guest-karen-kahlerKAREN KAHLER is an actor, voice artist, and writer living in Los Angeles. She is best known for voicing a fretful elderly bunny in the video game Dust: An Elysian Tail, plus a host of witches and evil queens in various adventure games.  Visit her website: http://karenkahler.com

guest-eleiece-krawlecELEIECE KRAWEIC lives in New Orleans. She began voice acting in 2007 when, on a whim, she auditioned for her first role in Star Trek Excelsior, enjoyed it, and she’s still going strong.

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