Voice Fiction – Old Time Radio


With Glenn Carlson and Jack Ward.
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, Radio Dramas entertained millions of listeners daily. Those days are gone. Glenn and Jack look at past glories, at the state of the art today and hazard a guess at the future of Audio Drama.

guest-glenn-carlsonGLENN CARLSON: In 1999, Glenn Carlson headed a group of San Francisco writers and voice actors with an interest in creating audio drama. The result was One Act Audio Theatre. Their mission: Use the power of the internet to bring something new to old time radio.
Visit his website: http://oneact.org

guest-jack-wardJACK WARD: Is a writer, director and founder of The Sonic Society, a weekly podcast carried by Dalhousie University Campus in Halifax, Canada and by other affiliate stations across Canada and around the world.
Visit his website: http://sonicsociety.org

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