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Voice Fiction – The Undead


With Tansy Undercrypt, K.C. Wayland and David Accampo.
Three writer/producers discuss our endless fascination with being scared to death – or at least to the edge of death. Join Tansy Undercrypt, K.C. Wayland and David Accampo in a discussion about the lure of the macabre in the darkest corners of our psyche. This episode is best listened to alone and in the dark.

guest-dave-accampoDAVID ACCAMPO is a writer, designer, filmmaker and podcast producer. He is the Co-founder, with Jeremy Rogers, of Habit Forming Films, and co-creator of the hit serialized audio drama, Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery.
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guest-tansy-undercryptTANSY UNDERCRYPT is a horror fiction writer living in the grim wilds of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2009, she founded Precarious Audio Theater, streaming original works of mystery, suspense, and horror online and via iTunes.
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guest-kc-waylandK.C. WAYLAND has an eclectic resume. He started as a film-maker in Orange High School, a short stint with the military in Iraq, 2003, and is currently the creative force behind the award winning audio drama serial, “We’re Alive.”
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