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With Karen Kahler, Eleiece Krawiec and Russell Gold.
Anyone can read, but it takes a special talent to turn words on a page into a believable character. Voice actors Karen Kahler, Eleiece Krawiec and Russell Gold tell us how they work, how they use their voice, what they look for in a script, how to create characters, writers they’ll never work with again—experienced advice for aspiring voice talent.

guest-russell-goldRUSSELL GOLD is a mild-mannered software developer for Oracle by day, and by night he is a voice-over actor for a number of productions, including Damien Sykes in Dreamcatcher, Rumisiel in his own adaptation of the web-comic Misfile, and the title character in Misfits Audio’s Jim Nolan: Private Eye.

guest-karen-kahlerKAREN KAHLER is an actor, voice artist, and writer living in Los Angeles. She is best known for voicing a fretful elderly bunny in the video game Dust: An Elysian Tail, plus a host of witches and evil queens in various adventure games.  Visit her website:

guest-eleiece-krawlecELEIECE KRAWEIC lives in New Orleans. She began voice acting in 2007 when, on a whim, she auditioned for her first role in Star Trek Excelsior, enjoyed it, and she’s still going strong.

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