Voice Fiction – In the Mix Part 1


With Chuck O’Hara, Roy Yokelson and Jim Smagata.
The art of making art is putting it together. In audio drama, the ones putting it together are The Mixers. Chuck O’Hara, Roy Yokelson and Jim Smagata are each veteran sound engineers with lots to say about equipment, technology, advice on working with talent, clients from hell, and what makes the ideal sound studio.

guest-chuck-oharaCHUCK O’HARA: President and Chief Mixologist for Reel Time in Halifax, Canada. Chuck has decades of audio production experience in Film, Television, Radio, Advertising and Music..

guest-uncle-royROY YOKELSON: Roy runs Ant Land Productions in New Jersey. He is a 30-year veteran of audio production beginning in the pre-digital days when we used quarter inch tape and razor blades.
Visit his website: http://antlandproductions.com

guest-jim-smagataJIM SMAGATA Jim is entering his 20th year as Technical Director for the Erindale Studio Theatre at the University of Toronto. His first radio drama was assembled in Grande Prairie Alberta using two cassette decks, two reel-to-reel tape decks, a turntable, razor and scotch tape—truly a pioneer.

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